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Bournemouth game zones
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Captain America

Taking inspiration from the smash hit film, our Captain America field is recreated from the main action scene. Including trucks, a Tank and a life size missile you will find plenty of cover to help achieve that all important objective.


To win this game your team needs to dominate the entire field. You need to flush out the enemy team from their command bunker to gain control of their end of the field while ensuring that your own bunker remains safe in your team’s hands.


Our new stronghold has two floors and four imposing towers on each corner. In the centre, lies a throne. Defenders must repel the opposing force as they storm the castle from the north and south entrances. Attackers must work as a team to find a way in and still have enough players left to engage the defenders within the walls.

<The Obelisk picture> <The Pod picture> <Chemical Alley picture>

Set deep in the woods, stands the Obelisk. You will be under attack from all angles of the field, throw in some limited coverage and tricky angles to negotiate have you got what it takes to dominate the Obelisk, reveal your teams victory colour and keep control until the timer runs out?


POD is a game that is both physically and mentally challenging, team work and good tactics are needed to achieve the game objective of dominating as many of the 9 pods in a set time. To dominate each pod the flag needs to be raised to showcase your teams colour.

Chemical Alley

With the playing area strewn with containers filled the non-volatile H20, your team must eliminate the opposition to secure victory. The containers offer excellent cover, but don't get complacent as there are plenty of opportunities to be out-flanked.

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