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Paintballing Corporate Days Alton

Get the team together when you next can and book a paintballing corporate day in Alton with us

With many teams having to work separately for almost a year, you may have found that team morale is at an all time low. Harming productivity and team spirit, not having a good camaraderie between team members can be tackled when you can get everyone together in the great outdoors.

Nothing gets the blood flowing and body moving quite like paintballing, and at Powerball Outdoor Activities Ltd, we want to host your next corporate event.


A little healthy competition can do wonders for your team, and by booking our corporate days at our Alton site, you can bring back the spark and rebuild the team.

Our venue is unlike anything else out there and offers different features and new game scenarios that you won’t find anywhere else. We’ll make sure you’re kitted up so you can enjoy safely and fairly, and we’ll even throw in a pizza for lunch so you can catch a break before more team building commences.

To get started with booking in your corporate day, just follow the steps on our website and book now.

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